A Proper Aspect  On Stress And Stress Relief

What is Stress?

First and foremost, we have to ask ourselves, what is stress? and where does it come from?

There are so many more components to stress than we can imagine. Life itself is full of stresses. Our busy jumbled up life can bring some pretty unpleasant effects. We have to ask ourselves what triggers the stress we may be feeling.

It is within ourselves to set the stage to either succumb to our stress or to deal with it. Only thing is, we don’t always know how to do that.

How do we deal with the everyday stresses that comes with this fast paced world we are living in?

We have to reach deep inside and first explore what kind of stress we are facing. There is many things in our daily lives that may bring on or add to stress.

First in our life is predominantly job stress. It is a very fast paced life we are all leading today in the career field. No matter what kind of job we may hold, executive down to even labourer we are faced with stress.

Why Do We Stress?

It comes from demands of a busy world. Just trying to keep up is hard to do sometimes. Then on top of that comes family pressures and maybe, financial problems. Then there are the children, and their own stresses they face each day and we always take on the stresses of our children. These children may still be at home or they may be already out on their own, but rest assured that even the ones out on their own bring us stress also.  We take on what they may be going through in life. Their ups and downs affect us just as it does them. Then we have aged parents we may be taking on. They have a whole different set of stresses and it adds to ours as we go through some of these things with them.

Understanding How To Deal With Stress

Now the questions becomes, how do we deal with all of these stress ?How do we maintain a proper aspect in life? Never think it is easy and we are not alone. We are all facing stress of one kind or the other. Do you ever look at your neighbour and wonder, how do they go through each day with no stress?

Do we really ever know what the people around us are going through?

Everyone handles stress in a different way. Some drink, some smoke, some do other things to release stress like running, hangouts etc.

How do we release stress in a healthy way? Have you ever thought, I just need to release some stress without doing something I will regret? There are those that seem to deal with it and we ask ourselves, how do they do it?, how do they make it through all of the trials and seem to be doing so well?, What is their secret?, What if, I told you there wasn’t really a secret at all, and that some people just have a better understanding of life and how they deal with stress is by faith.

Faith, you say! Faith is the understanding that things change and that there is better things ahead. That there is things in life that will come and go. It is knowing if we work on our problems there is a solution. Not always easy to do but it can be done.

We have to believe and we have to work on these things that come up everyday in life, but most of all we have to have faith that change is brought about by us. That we can control things and that when we take the time to study our problems we can find a way.

We can also entertain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle has many rewards, it is clean on our bodies and clean for our minds. Eating healthy, exercise, good sleeping patterns. These are things that help us to keep our bodies and minds healthy which in turn helps us to cope with stress in a healthy way.

Also, find ways to eliminate stress in your life. If there is something that can be changed to the betterment then make that decision and change it.

Communication is important, if it is something in your family, then talk it out.

Remain calm, rational and face the stress and work on it. If need be, seek help. There are many ways to find help these days. Most of all keep your faith that things can change and never give up.

Understand yourself and find ways to change the things that are stressing you.

Most of all know we can all deal with things even though sometimes seems impossible.

5 Ways You Can Deal With Stress And Anxiety

1. Breathe deeply and remember its only temporary 

Breathe Deeply and remember how great it is, just to have the opportunity to be alive. Because in every minute there is someone, somewhere in the world fighting to be alive, so as long as you are alive remember everything you are going through is only temporary.

2. Get into your meditation zone

Stress is mostly associated with negative energy, and so focus your energy and thought on positivity even if it looks impossible. The key is to stay optimistic no matter what and as you go on, your thoughts may come across a better solution.

The law of attraction explains that, you attract what you think. So try to be as positive as you can.

If there’s a special place you go that makes you happy, visit there often and try to clear your mind, if you like to workout, you probably know that working out clears your mind. When pressure is put on the body, the mind tends to clear up in a relaxing way.

3. Laugh it off

This method works if you can imagine yourself in a place where the stress no longer exist. You will have to look at the problem as if it has already been solved, and stay positive while you find better answers.

One thing you should know and always remember is to never avoid your problems and pretend your problems don’t exist. They will come back to bite you very hard when you usually don’t expect it.

If you decide to solve a problem or find a solution make sure you solve it, and end it.

4. Avoid procrastination

In times of stress, its easy to procrastinate but you should try your very best to avoid procrastination. Shower regularly, eat healthy meals on time, sleep enough and try to socialize with people to help you reduce the stress, but you also don’t need to tell everyone you meet about you problems. People are happier to know, people are doing worse that them and half of the people you will tell don’t really care, but talking to a trusted family member or a “true” trusted friend can also help deal with the problem causing you stress. Note I said “true trusted”, friends are more likely to leave or ignore you when you need them the most, so be careful about who you choose if the information is personal and you wouldn’t want it out.

5. Exercise

Putting physical stress on your body through exercise can help relieve mental stress.

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