How Alkaline Foods Can Save You From Cancer

What are alkaline foods? 

Word on the street is that cancer cells can’t form in an alkaline environment. As you may already know, inflammation flourishes in a body that is too acidic, and with inflammation being the leading cause of deadly diseases , it seems like the alkaline diet is the savior .

“Inflammation is one of the common denominators of disease,” A bold statement made by the Arizona Centre for Advanced Medicine.  Every chronic disease is an inflammatory disease. From the common cold to any chronic disease, inflammation is a major part of its occurrence.  Thus knowing  preventative methods and ways to reverse and slow down inflammation will go a long way toward preventing and reversing almost all diseases, as well as slowing the aging process, keeping us healthy, beautiful and energetic for a lifetime.

With that being said, it is more than great to be familiar with alkaline foods and what they do for you.

What does alkaline foods do?

Alkaline foods aid the body’s pH in balancing or getting to a level the neutralizing of excessive amounts of acid which inadvertently leads to inflammation and other chronic conditions. Although many argue about  weather these foods can actually change the pH level of your blood, hence changing the way your body handles certain conditions.

Advocates for the diet say will say that, alkaline foods can do everything from turn back cancer, to preventing heart disease, to reducing inflammation in the body. But as the saying goes, “you just have to take it all with a grain of salt,” because alkaline foods all have their own unique health benefits, so it could simply be a matter of just eating better and cutting out the unhealthy foods from your diet. Both would provide impressive results for most people.

Advocates also say that cancer simply cannot form or survive in an alkaline environment, and that eating acidic foods is what leads to cancer, and what causes it to thrive and spread in the body. Cancer patients do in fact receive special diets that are full of alkaline foods to eat at hospitals although they don’t refer to them as necessarily an alkaline diet.

However there are also doctors and scientists that say the body will keep the blood at a certain pH no matter what you eat, and that eating certain foods has no effect on the pH level.

So what is the point of eating an alkaline diet if you’re not going to have an effect on the body’s pH? Proponents of alkaline diets may be inadvertently getting you to eat a healthy diet because they’ve stumbled on a way to separate healthy from unhealthy foods. It’s a diet that is largely vegetarian, and one that would surely lead to improved health if followed as a lifestyle over the long run.

The only clear answer on the matter is that alkaline foods are all healthy foods, each with their own large list of side benefits that show they’re good for the body. At a very basic level, it’s clear to see that foods that are from the Earth would be good for the body, whereas foods that are man-made or heavily processed would be bad for the body. Eating foods that grow naturally, absorb energy from the sun, and then transfer that energy to you when eaten is always a good idea. Eating food that is dead, or that is chemical-laden, would do nothing more than make you sick.

The alkaline diet is primarily a plant-based one.  All animal food sources are acidic and too much acidic food can result in the upset of the alkaline balance of the body, setting the perfect environment for illness and disease to set in.  To make the alkaline lifestyle more realistic and practical, the aim is to try and eat 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food.  How you choose to eat that 20% acidic food is up to you however it would be better to eat a fresh piece of fish than eat processed food.

You see, no one is saying you have to completely give up meat, fish and poultry, but it would be in your best interests if you could really cut back.

Its a conscious decision that must be made about what you want to put in  your body , considering the fact that the food you are eating today is very different from the food supply that existed just 50 years ago.

The meat today is full of hormones, antibiotics and negative energy resulting from inadequate living conditions.  Recommendation to someone looking to persist eating meat would be to pay a visit to a slaughterhouse. Even if you eat wild fish, now its proven that there is such a high level of mercury in fish, combined with water pollution and oil spills certainly make it questionable at best.  Fish Farming is an even scarier scenario.  The fish are crowded into small areas inhibiting movement and they are fed chemicals and unnatural food sources while being administered antibiotics at unbelievably higher levels than any other livestock.  This should make one think twice about eating farmed salmon.

As you can see, the world today is not the same as many years ago when it was much safer to eat meat. Something has definitely gone really wrong and we humans are definitely paying a high price with the vast increase in the rate of cancer, metabolic disease, heart disease, and diabetes than ever before.  Do you think that it is a coincidence that the rate of such diseases is going up as the quality of our food supply is going down? Something to really think about.

The good news is that we have the ability to lessen the risk of obtaining a bulk of these diseases and it does not require drugs, surgery and medical intervention.  We have the ability to choose what we eat hence choosing a plant-based diet over an animal based diet is the great first step. Begin eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less meat. That is the choice we have to make if we want to have good health. Not everything in the grocery store is good for us , always look for the local organic produce if available.

What does “alkaline forming” foods mean?

It means that while a food might not be alkaline in nature, until broken down by the body in which it then produces an alkaline effect, in contrast to an acidic effect from acid forming foods. One example is that citrus fruits like grapefruits and lemons, while containing citric acid, are actually alkalizing once you eat them. That’s why it’s important to distinguish between foods that on the outside are acidic, but once digested and processed by the human body, become alkaline.

Here are a few examples of some Alkaline-Forming Foods

Vegetables: Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, fermented vegetables, cucumber, sprouts, wheatgrass and kale

Fruits: Berries, apples, banana, rockmelon, avocado, lemon, lime and mango

Nuts, seeds and oils: Almonds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and coconut oil

Grains: Rice, amaranth, quinoa, rye and buckwheat

Drinks: Coconut water, herbal teas, almond milk, green smoothies, apple-cider vinegar and water

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