Why Is Being A Mother Sometimes So Hard?

Becoming a Mother is not hard but being a Mother:

Becoming a Mother, a mystery in life? As young girls grow up they seem to all think about becoming a mother. Some are prepared for that job in life and some aren’t. We first get our introduction to motherhood as we begin to play with the dolls we so love to play with. It is our first look at what it is to be a mother. We learn some basics about caring for the “baby” as we play and assume the role of motherhood to that lifeless doll. As we grow more we start to understand some of the things that may be in store for us through the make believe play. We give them names and show them care and what we come to be think of as love. We pretend to feed them and go through the motions of motherhood. Most of this we learn from watching our own mothers and the actions they show us. As we grow and learn more about life around us we start to pay attention to how a family is suppose to be.

As a young girl becomes a teen and starts to mature physically and emotionally she starts to dream about having that family. She is preparing herself for motherhood. She remembers the play and the emotions she felt in caring for her baby doll. The one thing she doesn’t fully understand yet though is the responsibility it takes in being a mother. There is more to motherhood than just having a baby. Soon she matures more and thinks more about being a mother. She starts to see where her life may be going. She is making plans for what she wants in life. Some want a career, some want to focus on a family. Either way she knows that she is destined to become a mother someday. The young woman is in high school now and the pressure to grow up is strong, placed by peers, family and so forth. Sexual awareness is very strong and she thinks how nice it would be to find someone to love her, perhaps have a child with.

3 Things To Know Before Becoming A Mother

Be sure that you are ready for motherhood

The thing is to be sure that you are ready for motherhood. Typically the teen mom is not ready, she may think she is but when the time comes she has a hard time adjusting. She has to leave many things behind her and she isn’t prepared for that. She has not thought it out as to how life will change for her. She now has responsibility that she is often not capable of dealing with.

An older woman who has made her career her life has decided she is ready for a family. She conceives and when the time comes she thinks she is ready only to soon find out she isn’t ready to give her career up. She feels some what at a disadvantage because she didn’t realize the responsibility she was going to now have. She becomes disenchanted with motherhood.

Be ready to give the emotional, spiritual and physical needs that the child will need.

Being a mother is so much more than carrying a child and bearing it. There is emotional, spiritual, physical needs that the child will put upon a woman. Then there is the balance of life needed for a woman to feel comfortable with her new role. Having a baby isn’t all we women think it is. There is so much pressure on the average woman now days. We have to balance careers and family. If we are not prepared we can be overwhelmed quickly.

Take your time to decide wisely.

Lastly, take time to decide when you are ready for motherhood. It is truly a wonderful thing in life but be prepared in every sense. There are so many changes coming and if you are prepared and ready for the challenge it will be the best part of your life. Remember that having a child is a lifetime commitment. With simply preparedness and knowing you are ready you will find endless contentment in life.

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