Why Modern Day Marriages Fails Terribly

Why The Modern Day Marriage Fails.

Modern day marriage:

Marriage, such a mystery sometimes. One has to wonder what is the secret. In our modern day society the institution of marriage has become something of a mystery to us all. No matter how much research is done there hasn’t been a cure for the things that ail us in our marriages. Is it the fast pace of the times, is it the time spent away from each other as our days are filled with work, children, trying to fit more into a day than hours we have.

Couples spend most of their time now trying to make ends meet. Both husband and wife in most families have to work now to make ends meet. Careers have taken over our lives while most of us have demands put upon us by said careers. Let us take a look into what marriage is: It is the union of two individuals with two different personalities trying to fit together to build something of a oneness.

It is suppose to be the blending of two lives to make a togetherness to withstand what the world has to throw at them. The beginning of the marriage is a lot of adjustment for both parties. It is getting to know who each other is. It is to grow with each other and learn each others habits. Then we settle down with the one of our choice and life becomes some what comfortable.

We have learned the habits, the likes and dislikes and the ins and outs of everyday life. This didn’t come easily for not always do two people agree about everything. But never the less the first few years have passed and things have settled in to a nice routine. The demands of work and stresses of life have moved in and perhaps children have entered the picture. Things have grown into just a little bit of rut.

We have become numb to each other. We have started to shut each other out as we pass through each day. Life has moved in different directions for the two of you. We are so busy in our own little worlds that we tend to forget what our mate may be feeling or going through. At the end of each day we may fall into an exhausted silence. Communication starts to fail and we forget to share with each other. We may begin to share with others the things we should be sharing with each other. Does this sound familiar?

The question we must all ask ourselves is, what we can do to change things. How do we find each other again and make our marriage stronger. Here are 6 ways to save a failing marriage but first we have to get that line of communication open and flowing. We need to learn to give time to our marriage and time to our partner. We have to start respecting each other and giving of ourselves. Love is a beautiful thing but is much like a beautiful rose, if we tend to it and nurture it, it grows and last but if we neglect it, it tends to wither and die. We have to start with ourselves, take a look at how we are treating our partner, look for ways to improve upon it. We can’t wait for our partner to do all the work.

Take time each day for our partner. Give them respect and honor them. Look for ways to bring pleasure and a new found peace to them and in doing so we will reap the rewards. Try putting their thoughts and feelings onto perspective and see things from their point of view. Once our partners start seeing us trying they will follow suit and the renewing that comes about brings something special to each of us. Take that romantic get away even if it is short. Enjoy a newness and realize what the other means to you. Try these things and I think you will find a better relationship.


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