6 Ways To Save A Failing Marriage 

How Can You Save a Failing A Marriage ?

This is a good question: First of all we have to know the individual situation. Every couple face their own challenges in their relationship. No two marriages are the same. There are two different personalities in a relationship each with their own needs and requirements. There is usually one or the other of the two that have a bit more need in their life. But none the less each one has something they want in life. Let us explore somethings:

  1. First we need to explore the needs of our partner. We need to become familiar with what it is they need out of the relationship.When we explore their needs we may come to recognize needs of our own.
  2.  Next we need to begin to understand their needs and why they have them. We need  to get to know them just as we know ourselves. We want them to know us too. We need to open up to them, to let them see us as we are.
  3.  We want to make them feel comfortable in our relationship. When they feel comfortable we can relax and enjoy the closeness that comes with knowing each other. We will be unafraid to communicate with each other. We will feel comfortable in the relationship.
  4. We need to be understanding in their choices in life and in so doing we need to let them understand our choices. This pertains to our choices in career, hobbies, our feelings about children and a wide variety of life choices.
  5. Most of all is communication. You need to be able to talk everything out. This doesn’t always come easy. But with time and patience this one thing is the best thing two people can do for themselves and each other. Open communication can make or break a marriage. Only through communication can two people know the needs and wants of each other.
  6. Last but not least is respect for each other. If you have the respect for each other then it will take you a long way towards holding on to the love that founded the relationship to start with.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Never disregard the rewards that come from a solid foundation. Enjoy each other. Take time to get to know each other all over again. Doesn’t matter how many years you have been together, the end will only come if you give up and fail to see each other for the persons you are.

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